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About Combat Dojo

Combat Dojo is the combination of Nishimon Dojo, Thanet Fecht Schule and Canterbury Medieval Combat. The schools all popped up organically and each one has its own Facebook page as well as partial websites.

To keep life simpler going forward, we decided to merge all the activity into one place and allow for growth into other arts and areas of interest. Combat Dojo is not simply about training in martial arts, it’s about researching them and making connections between the different arts.


  • Train in a number of traditional weapon arts
  • We focus on practically of techniques
  • Provides a different and fun way to relax and get fitter
  • Allows you to discuss and test theories and manuscripts
  • Study a wide range of weaponry from history and around the world
  • While techniques maybe historical we look to find modern day applications


Jason has an expert eye for taking universal combat principles from his many years of Kenjutsu and bringing them to life in multiple combat disciplines. He has great teaching acumen and will help inspire new starters and hone seasoned practitioners alike.

Tommy Joe Moore, All Round Fucking Badass