We practice and teach a number of traditional Japanese Sword Arts


We practice a number of different ryuha or schools of Japanese swordsmanship dating back over 500 years. Our core practice is Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu (MJER) which includes a large number of techniques (Waza). Iaijutsu is mainly taught as single practice but we look to focus on performing the techniques as if there were an enemy (Teki). The style has a wide range of basic, intermediate and advance practice which can take a lifetime of study.

There are also paired training using wooden swords and cutting practice using sharp swords as part of the curriculum. Dojo practice uses wooden swords (bokken) or blunt steel swords (iaito). As well as MJER, we also practice Eishin Ryu Battoho which is a 20th century iteration of the older MJER developed for use by the Imperial Japanese Navy. This is a much smaller syllabus which can be used by non weapon focussed dojos who want to add a sword element to their curriculum.

From time to time we also revisit other ryuha that have interesting techniques we have practiced but these are not part of the core iaijutsu curriculum.


  • Learn 500 year old sword arts
  • Helps relax and reduce stress
  • Meditation with swords
  • Battoho useful for Dojos who want a small additional element
  • Improves cognitive function and flexiblity
  • Boost confidence and helps understand combative range


Jason has an expert eye for taking universal combat principles from his many years of Kenjutsu and bringing them to life in multiple combat disciplines. He has great teaching acumen and will help inspire new starters and hone seasoned practitioners alike.

Tommy Joe Moore, All Round Fucking Badass