Come and learn the Martial Arts of Medieval Germany.


The people of medieval Europe had formal martial arts training, in the same way the we know people in the Far East did. They had a number of training schools, traditions and manuscripts detailing a wide range of combat for different purposes. This included self defence, judicial combat, combat for sport and military combat training.

We follow the German medieval combat traditions of Johannes Liechtenauer, and his contemporaries. In this tradition, we try to recreate the practice of unarmoured self defence training using longswords, daggers, knives and poleaxes. There are also unarmed techniques which include striking, kicking and wrestling.


  • Learn medieval Longsword
  • Practice unique art of messer fechten (knife fighting)
  • Dagger fighting
  • Ringen or wrestling techniques
  • 1.33 system of sword and buckler
  • Keeping people at length with polearms


Jason has an expert eye for taking universal combat principles from his many years of Kenjutsu and bringing them to life in multiple combat disciplines. He has great teaching acumen and will help inspire new starters and hone seasoned practitioners alike.

Tommy Joe Moore, All Round Fucking Badass