The Victorian Mixed Martial Art that has lots of modern applications

The original Mixed Martial Art

Bartitsu is an aggregated martial art, founded in the late 1800’s by Railway Engineer Edward William Barton-Wright. He went to Japan, studied classical Ju Jitsu, and bought in back to London to combine it with wrestling, savate, cane fighting and boxing. The idea was that pupils get a solid grounding with subject matter experts (other club instructors) in each individual art. Following which, these are interwoven into a holistic syllabus of self defence (in theory delivered by Barton-Wright). 

The entire art was taught with a self defence orientation, but made up of traditional and sporting martial arts, and primarily marketed to upper and upper middle classes wanting to defend themselves against increasing street and gang violence in the city. The art only lasted a few years, however many clubs today have revived and continued the mission of Bartitsu. You may consider it, alongside with Defence Dans La Rue as one of the first modern ‘mixed martial arts’ (not to be confused with the sport of MMA). 


  • Learn a range of different historical arts
  • Create a toolbox of different techniques and blend into your own art
  • Includes kicking, striking, wrestling, as well as weapon use
  • Each art can be learnt on its own but only becomes Bartitsu when used together
  • Modern day interpretation allows for practical use today
  • Not a novelty, real technique trained correctly


Jason has an expert eye for taking universal combat principles from his many years of Kenjutsu and bringing them to life in multiple combat disciplines. He has great teaching acumen and will help inspire new starters and hone seasoned practitioners alike.

Tommy Joe Moore, All Round Fucking Badass