Some Martial musings and regular updates with what is going on in the Dojo


Learning Opportunities

We are going to expanding out our offering to help you increase your learning ability. This can be at weekend workshops, in person 1 to 1 or small group private training or online zoom call training for current students. Once we are back in Broadstairs we will be running more weekend half day and full…


Triple Threat II Seminar

On the 13th / 14th November 2021 in Rugby we are running Triple Threat II.  If you missed the first, three instructors came together over 2 days and ran a workshop covering some of the lesser seen Japanese martial arts. Well we are back. Hosted by Jamie Seal, Tommy Joe Moore and Jason Hulott this…


Combative Books and Workshop

There are a growing number of works being found on the Combat systems of WW2.  Mainly borne out of a small number of combat pioneers from both the UK and US. The interesting thing is these systems and manuals have as much of a role today as they did in World War Two. We are…


Historical Airsoft and WW2 Combatives

There are a growing number of Airsoft RIF weapon manufacturers that are now making World War One and World War Two replicas. This is great news and it means for us here at Combat Dojo, we can now try to better recreate combat elements from the published wartime manuals and available materials – this will…


Equipment Needed

So with the various different sessions available to you, I wanted to give you an idea of the equipment you will need. Now you don’t need to attend all the classes and you don’t have to study all the things we offer. If you do, then cool.  If you don’t that’s cool too. Your annual…


Swords and Guns? Really?

Iaijutsu and firearms training are not two things that you would necessarily think would have a lot in common.  I wouldn’t have done before lockdown.  Not being able to teach during lockdown has given me the time to do the other thing I love to do, learn stuff.   I was introduced to Brett who…


Wrist wraps

take a long time to put on, but the added support can really go a long way to stopping your hands from hurting after a pad work session. Don’t skimp on 60 seconds to wrap your wrists and hands, it is 60 seconds well spent