We teach pistol training as a martial art using Airsoft in the UK for drilling.


We are now part of GROM UK, a tactical firearms study group. While it is complicated to train with firearms in the UK, we train with airsoft weapons used as real. So we drill on the basis that the weapon is real. This will be no surprise for those of you who already train with wooden or blunt steel swords. There is a lot of crossover between using a sword and using a firearm.

There are options to come and train outdoor and stay overnight on airsoft sites to learn drills. We also have access to Close Quarter Battle facilities as well as the opportunity to travel in order to live fire on ranges in Europe and receive instruction from a number of highly professional firearms instructors.


  • Training run by experienced instructors
  • Taught as a martial art
  • Opportunity for live firing in Europe
  • Learn weapon retention and weapon disarming
  • Learn instinctive shooting techniques
  • We cover Pistol and Rifle training


I have been wanting to learn Japanese sword for a long time. Found out about Jason through a friend. Was highly recommended and can see why. Very patient and he has offered his time to mentor our study group. Thank you Jason for your excellent tuition and support 🙂

Brett Mackenzie, Chief Instructor Viking Combatives