Learn proven historical combative techniques that have stood the test of time and are easy to learn


As a Dojo that works on historical techniques, it will come as no surprise we have taken the same approach to combatives training. While most will feel they need a new system that works on the street, time and time again, history shows us that systems that have been tested through time tend to survive for a reason.

W.E. Fairbairn was a combatives visionary who learnt his trade in the drug dens and criminal underbelly of South East Asia. Working and training, what is said to be the world’s first SWAT Team, the Shanghai Municipal Police. Fairbairn used all the tools at his disposal to create a number of fight systems that helped get results.

This included knife fighting, shooting, grappling, striking and kicking. This systems was repackaged numerous times, but most famously as Defendu, the art of combatives he taught to the newly formed British and American special forces during WW2.


  • Learn tried and tested combatives
  • Simple gross motor skill training
  • Historical basis and development
  • Used in conflicts around the world
  • Like Bartitsu, a real mixed martial art
  • Include weapons training, including firearms


I have been wanting to learn Japanese sword for a long time. Found out about Jason through a friend. Was highly recommended and can see why. Very patient and he has offered his time to mentor our study group. Thank you Jason for your excellent tuition and support 🙂

Brett Mackenzie, Chief Instructor Viking Combatives