Combative Books and Workshop

There are a growing number of works being found on the Combat systems of WW2.  Mainly borne out of a small number of combat pioneers from both the UK and US. The interesting thing is these systems and manuals have as much of a role today as they did in World War Two.

We are currently studying a few manuals to put together a weekly or monthly practice in WW2 combatives – both from a historical martial art point of view but also as a useable self defence system for civilians.

If you are interested in the books we are using –  I have listed a few below. 

  • Shanghai Self Defence Guide – W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes
  • Kill or Get Killed – Rex Applegate
  • Walking Stick Self Defence – H Lang

If you are interested in attending an introductory half day / full workshop, do leave me your email address and I’ll keep you posted. 

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