Equipment Needed

So with the various different sessions available to you, I wanted to give you an idea of the equipment you will need. Now you don’t need to attend all the classes and you don’t have to study all the things we offer. If you do, then cool.  If you don’t that’s cool too.

Your annual club membership fee will cover all of this training, apart from membership of GROM for firearms training, which is £20 a year paid directly to them.

Medieval Combat

Initially training weapons – Synthetic Longsword
Gloves and Mask
Fencing Jacket
Steel Longsword
Mask Overlay
Heavy Gloves
Fencing Trousers
Gorget and further protections

Japanese Swordsmanship

Kaku Obi
Bokken and plastics saya
Iaito – Blunt steel sword

Firearms Training

Airsoft P226 Pistol
Spare magazine
Airsoft M4 Rifle
Magazine Carriers
Plate carrier
IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit

Combatives / Bartitsu

Boxing or MMA Gloves
Rubber knife
Focus Pads
Strike Pads
Bamboo Cane for stick fighting

This isn’t everything but just a quick list of stuff you could need under each class.